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Prompt support and clarity of process for applying for PR
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Great Team . Thank You

3 years

Prompt support and clarity of process for applying for PR

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user review

Madhur reviewed Morevisas

Good response time from the team and adequate query resolution...

user review

Atul reviewed Morevisas

The portal is very helpful and all the process details are clear and stages mentioned....

user review

Nitin reviewed Morevisas

Very help full and easy to understand. very kind staff...

user review

Jaya reviewed Morevisas

The way they are responding is good and also the response is fast....

user review

Sagar reviewed Morevisas

Great follow up. quick revert and ease of approach. keep it up...

user review

Kamini reviewed Morevisas

I like the timely reminders and the way followup is done at each and every step....

user review

Gaurav reviewed Morevisas

Service is better as i expected earlier. Nice to have under more visa guidance....

Bheemesh Pujar Teekachar

Bheemesh reviewed Morevisas

The standards and processes followed are good. There are lot of back procedures maintained...

Pratik Kiri

Pratik reviewed Morevisas

Good job Shravan. Keep up the good work. Really excited to recommend Morevisas to friends....

user review

Harish reviewed Morevisas

Because the followup from morevisas is very good. They are very good in explaining things...

user review

Nirmal reviewed Morevisas

Step by step guidance actually quite helpful especially because it's difficult to under the processes involved in arranging documents and creating accounts etc...

user review

Venkata reviewed Morevisas

They Respond in time and provide good service. They are very punctual in attending calls....

user review

Adil reviewed Morevisas

Consistent follow up with the candidate shows that you guys care....

user review

Arabinda reviewed Morevisas

Goood service. Regular tracking of where I am on the documentation. I am happy....

user review

Rakesh reviewed Morevisas

It's too early to say anything but till now services are awesome. Hope same will continue in future too....

user review

Syed reviewed Morevisas

Excellent work by more visas team. Keep the good work going...

user review

Nikita reviewed Morevisas

I am getting continuous follow up calls and mails. Hope to have then in future as well and the support for the smooth process...

user review

Sayani reviewed Morevisas

They have been helping us and sending us regular updates....

user review

Sahaya reviewed Morevisas

Quick response whenever the enquiry is made regarding my case processing....

user review

SUBHA reviewed Morevisas

The response is just outstanding. Thank you very much. I am very sure with your support I will make it....

user review

Selvaganapathy reviewed Morevisas

Good job good job good job good job good job...

user review

Nandhakumar reviewed Morevisas

Your conduct approach feels so good. So much impressive to me....

user review

Sabina reviewed Morevisas

Always sending updates..which are good to be on touch what is new and what parameters have changed....