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Who can use CSR?

CSR authorize you the limited and revocable right to access and use Customer Satisfaction Ranking (CSR) website and its services. To access and use the website, you must sign up and create your profile to become a registered user (or user or customer) of CSR. You are solely responsible for all your use of CSR and also to maintain confidentiality of your account. If you find any unauthorized access to your account, then report to us immediately.

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You must ensure that, your username must not: offensive or insulting or profanity, contain any terms such as admin, guest, user, etc. or any names or characters that you do not have right to use including names of famous celebrities, politicians, other famous personalities. You must guarantee that your username is chosen by obeying all terms of use in that aspect and you does not violate on any rights that belongs to any third party or person related to the terms of use.

You are not allowed to change username, it is recommended to choose an appropriate username. You can “contact us”, for further help regarding creation or modification of username.

We may edit, suspend, delete, terminate any user account at any time without any prior intimation to the user, in extreme cases such as violation of terms. We will have no liability to any user for any such incident of termination or deletion of user data or user account or any other information on CSR without any notice and our disclaimer will be applicable without any limitations in these type of cases.

User Provided Information on CSR

CSR is an online community, provides information based on the posts, reviews and comments which are posted by the users, advertisers and third-parties. We do not control any such information including comments, postings, messages, product reviews, services reviews, company reviews, photos and  other data you access and use on CSR.

We do not approve any information including quality of services and products information posted by anonymous users. We don’t assure the accuracy, reliability, quality, suitability of any such information. We assume no responsibility for any objectional, misleading or unlawful information posted by users, third-parties and advertisers.

You are solely responsible for all your usage on CSR that includes posting any information or content through your CSR account for intended lawful purposes in a manner consistent with our terms and conditions. You agree that by posting a review or information on CSR, you have checked and understood our “Terms & Conditions and Policies”. You understood that, if your review or content or any other use of CSR violates the applicable law, then you may expose yourself to liability.

The user generated information must relate to products and services that include companies, experiences, services, etc. which the registered user has experienced or purchased or availed.

You are not authorized to publish any information regarding companies or products or services because of your personal or professional relations or to avail compensation or any other special benefits with them.

Registered user must accept not to and not allow any other person or third-party on behalf of to publish any information on CSR which:

  • May Impersonate another person’s name, email address, phone number or any other information and misrepresent your association with the current or previous company or products or services.
  • You do not have right to post as per terms of use of CSR.
  • May violate these terms of use, precise restrictions set forth in our Reviews Policy or any applicable law, rule and regulation.
  • Post defamatory, fraudulent, false, misleading information that doesn’t replicate your honest review.
  • Act in a manner that is threatening, racist or bigoted or any objectionable as per terms of CSR.
  • Promote or endorse any illegal activities, disclose any confidential information.
  • Violates the copyright, patent, trademark, publicity, trade secret or any confidential information or proprietary rights of any third-party.
  • Is related to pornographic or sexually explicit in nature, or involve in the exploitation of persons or violent manner or solicit personally identifying information from minors.
  • Is intended for commercial activities such as advertisements, external links, contests, barter and other forms of solicitation.
  • May introduce software or agents to CSR, or access data available on CSR without our permission or to create multiple accounts or post any automated information or messages.
  • May incorporate part of CSR into any website or interlink to any portion of CSR without our authorization.
  • Is a copy, modify, use, sell, resell, rent, lease, loan, trade the information on CSR without our permission.
  • Will interfere with, disturb, modify any information on CSR or its functionality.
  • Will set up viruses, corrupted files, trojans or similar software to CSR.
  • May try to dodge any security feature of CSR.
  • Will expose CSR or its users to any harm or liability.

The CSR’s information contributors guarantee in every context that the user generated information is lawful and in compliance with the terms and conditions of CSR. If CSR finds any information posted on it or any notice is issued related to the information posted which violates the applicable laws and/or terms & conditions of CSR, then the CSR reserves all rights to edit, delete, terminate the user account or user generated information without any prior notice and explanation, although, CSR will always intends to inform the user about any such incident and the consequences.

You agree to protect, assure, and hold us and our partners or third parties and our & their respective employees, officers, agents, partners, directors and CSR team harmless from any loss, claim and liability including reasonable notary or legal representative fees, arising from your use or violation of these terms and conditions of CSR.

Rights on CSR Information

Though, we do not claim ownership on any information posted by you to CSR, we have to have certain rights to ensure legally to provide such information to our users. By submitting any information to CSR, you hereby grant to us an unrestricted, irrevocable and permanent authorization to use, copy, edit, publish, transmit, adapt, display and distribute such information in any and all media throughout the globe. You hereby explicitly surrender any and all your ethical rights applicable to CSR. You will not be compensated for the information you post on CSR. You should only submit the information to CSR whichever is comfortable for you to share with others by understanding the terms and conditions of CSR.

CSR contains information provided by us and our licensors (including other users), we own and retain all proprietary rights in the information we each provide. We hereby grant users a limited and revocable access to view, copy, print and download any information for their personal and lawful use.

You agree not to reproduce, edit, transmit, publish, sell, adapt, distribute, perform or display publicly or produce copied works on CSR or its information (other than submitted by you) that include information, trademarks, company names, business characteristics and other data on website without our or our partner’s or any other third party permission respectively.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

The disclaimers and limitations of liability in this section are applicable to the fullest extent allowable under applicable law. The information provided on the site is ‘as is’ posted by users and we do not endorse or responsible for anything regarding the same. You are solely responsible for all your use that include posting reviews and interacting with CSR or its advertisers or third parties. We are not responsible for any inappropriate, false, unlawful  and misleading information posted on CSR because of any reason.

We assume no responsibility for any kind of loss occurred to the user because of usage of CSR or its affiliated services. We are not responsible for any kind of information either personal or professional posted, exchanged, transmitted, publicly displayed on CSR by any user. You are solely responsible for all your privacy and we assume no responsibility for your interactions with other users of CSR and its advertisers, either offline or online.

Although, we want to ensure that our services are accurate, uninterrupted, error-free, timely, ease of use, appropriate and determined but we make no warranty regarding the same.  We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or any kind of damage arising from your use of CSR or its affiliated services.

By accessing or using CSR, you agree to comply with our terms & conditions and you accept that you  completely understood our privacy and cookie policy as well.